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SMore Media Ultra HD Video AI Solution

SMore Media Ultra HD Video AI Solution is dedicated to serving video content creation from initial production to final display, providing the best video AI processing service with the most advanced technology and the widest variety of functions.

Image Processing Engine

Image Quality Enhancement

An end-to-end video quality enhancement solution
  • Intelligent Repair

    Intelligent Repair

    Denoise and deblur adaptively
  • Super Resolution

    Super Resolution

    Transform low-resolution to high-resolution
  • Excellent Performance

    Excellent Performance

    Few resources occupied, compatible with various mobile platforms
  • Less Bandwidth Cost

    Less Bandwidth Cost

    Provide high resolution with low bitrate, saving bandwidth cost-efficiently
  • Excellent Image Quality

    Excellent Image Quality

    Ranked 1st in PSNR measurement
  • Self-adaptive Strategy

    Self-adaptive Strategy

    Automatically adjust enhancement strategy based on the video's circumstance

Flexible Interface

The Engine supports interfaces on both local and cloud services. Local SDK has a small installation kit, fast operation speed and low power consumption, while cloud service provides high availability and flexible serviceability.

Excellent Compatibility

Thorough engineering optimization, the Engine is made compatible with all kinds of hardware. It can run smoothly on various terminals, including mobile and PC.
  • Image Quality Enhancement for Mobile


    Image Quality Enhancement for Mobile

    Improve image quality for video calls and streaming media

    Excellent adaptiveness and compatibility

    Low computing power requirement, applicable to various platforms

  • Image Quality Enhancement for TV


    Image Quality Enhancement for TV

    Enhance image quality for 4K/8K super HD videos

    Fix problems for super HD videos, including missing content and low quality

    Improve consumers' watching experience

  • Video Communication Application


    Video Communication Application

    Provides high image quality with low bitrate and improves the communication experience

    Save bandwidth cost and lower operation cost

    Applicable to video conferences, live streaming, education, etc.

  • Image and Document Enhancement


    Image and Document Enhancement

    Enhance image quality greatly and improve the user experience and the competitiveness of the product

    Widely applicable to various fields, including industrial, agricultural, and medical fields.

Ultra HD All-in-one Machine

The world-leading video enhancement AI algorithm model serves video content creation from capture, to production, then to final display. The video enhancement service fulfills the requirements up to a broadcast level.
  • Super<br/> Resolution
    The All-in-one Machine can enhance video to 2 to 4 times from its original resolution. It also provides a high resolution with low bitrate solution for 4K/8K videos.
  • Time Domain Interpolation
    Through Intelligent time-domain interpolation, the All-in-one Machine can transform normal videos to 60fps or even higher frame rate, improving the aesthetic and subtlety.
  • HDR<br> Enhancement
    The Ultra HD All-in-one Machine enhances video color gamut and brightness, repairs video overexposure, and increases contrast and saturation for dark areas. It significantly improves the visual effect of the original SDR video.
  • Partial<br> Enhancement
    Through edge, aera preserves and partial segmentation for human face, characters and foreground, the All-in-one Machine highlights the objects in the video that are especially sensitive to human eyes, adding more details to them.

Technology Features

  • 01 Excellent Technology

    The All-in-one Machine has excellent video enhancement technology. It can perform resolution and frame rate change, HDR enhancement, color gamut improvement, and contrast improvement, as well as self-adjust, deblur, denoise, and destreak.

  • 02 Efficient Architecture

    The All-in-one Machine has an efficient CPU+GPU heterogeneous computing architecture. Equipped with a coding and decoding engine, it supports simultaneous coding and decoding on multiple channels. The parallel inference framework fully utilizes all computing resources.

  • 03 Sufficient Interfaces

    The solution supports various video coding formats, including AVC/HEVC. Users can customize bitrate, saving over 30% bandwidth cost under the same image quality. It can also be used offline or in real-time online video streaming.

  • 04 Flexible Deployment

    The All-in-one Machine can be deployed and integrated at both the edge and the cloud. With multiple secondary development interfaces, it can be easily integrated into the original systems. The cloud deployment has flexible cluster serviceability.

Application Scenarios

The All-in-one Machine applies to content creation and video enhancement for 4K/8K Ultra HD videos. The low-cost, highly efficient, and one-stop video enhancement service improves watching experience while saving video transmitting and bandwidth cost.

  • 4K/8K Ultra HD Show<br/> Production

    4K/8K Ultra HD Show

    With the help of All-in-one Machine, the capture terminals can seamlessly improve image quality. Producers can create Ultra HD shows without upgrading their equipment. Different deployment methods, at the edge or the cloud, can fulfill different task requirements, whether it is a flexible task with a small quantity or a time-demanding task with a large quantity.
  • Media Library <br/>Content Upgrade

    Media Library
    Content Upgrade

    With various applicable interfaces, the All-in-one Machine can upgrade the original media library content to ultra HD. It also provides customized services, achieving video enhancement for different types of videos.
  • Real-time Video <br/>Quality Enhancement

    Real-time Video
    Quality Enhancement

    The All-in-one Machine supports the interface protocols of general streaming media. With the efficient parallel processing ability, it can enhance video quality in real-time, which applies to various scenarios and industries related to video production, streaming and monitoring.

SMore 8K UltraMedia Pro

Low-resolution videos,
original low-quality footages,
old films and TV shows
4K/8K super-resolution videos,
video beautification, old films
and TV shows recreation
SMore 8K UltraMedia Pro
  • Support RTP/RTSP/
RTMP streaming
media protocols
    Support RTP/RTSP/
RTMP streaming
media protocols


    Support RTP/RTSP/
    RTMP streaming
    media protocols
  • Support Samba/
CIFS file system
    Support Samba/
CIFS file system


    Support Samba/
    CIFS file system
  • Support AVC/HEVC/
coding formats
    Support AVC/HEVC/
coding formats


    Support AVC/HEVC/
    coding formats
  • Support parallel
operation on
multiple channels
    Support parallel
operation on
multiple channels


    Support parallel
    operation on
    multiple channels

Intelligent Processor

This is an AI processor for Ultra HD video quality enhancement and understanding, with powerful capabilities and excellent performance, applying to various scenarios.

AI Image

  • Output 4K/8K video with a high frame rate and high resolution
  • Perform video content understanding and partial enhancement
  • Increase color gamut, brightness, and contrast

Application Scenarios

The Intelligent Processor applies to the whole line of video creation, from content capturing to production, then to transmission.
It provides a one-stop service for Ultra HD content creation and image quality enhancement, fulfilling different video enhancement requirements for different application scenarios.
  • Image Processing Engine

    SMore UltraMedia Kit

    Image Processing Engine
  • Ultra HD All-in-one Machine

    SMore 8K UltraMedia Pro

    Ultra HD All-in-one Machine
  • Intelligent

    SMore UltraMedia Core

    Intelligent <br/>Processor
Fulfill different video enhancement requirements for diverse application scenarios.
  • TV Broadcast

    TV Broadcast

  • Industrial<br> Manufacturing


  • Healthcare


  • Surveillance


  • Intelligent<br> Transportation


  • Education &<br> Entertainment

    Education &

  • Comprehensive <br>Application <br>Demonstration<br> Areas


Video Quality Enhancement Technology Features

Video Super Resolution

  • Transform low-resolution
    videos to 4K/8K Ultra HD
    videos, with world class
    leading performance
  • Trained by millions of
    video samples based
    on the deep learning
  • Select different models
    according to diverse
    scenarios, achieving optimal
    super-resolution effect
  • Adjust model scale,
    adapting to different



HDR Enhancement

  • Supports efficient Ultra HD video transformation
  • Provide stable performance based on the deep learning algorithm
  • Enhance brightness and contrast, presenting better visual effect reflecting reality
  • Perform balanced enhancement, reserving original image dimensions
  • Original


  • Original


  • Original


  • Deblur

    Supports high-efficiency Ultra HD video transformation.

    Integrates deep learning algorithm and traditional visual technology, presenting stable performance.

    Simplify algorithms using the motion vector between frames of the image sequence.
  • /dist/images/hdr-pic01.jpg


  • /dist/images/hdr-pic01.jpg


  • Dark Light Repair

    Support efficient Ultra HD video transformation.

    Present stable performance based on deep learning algorithm.

    Solve post-enhancement problems including underexposure, overexposure, flashing, noise, and color variation.
  • /dist/images/hdr-pic02.jpg


  • /dist/images/hdr-pic02.jpg

    Dark Light Repair