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SmartMore at the 20th GS1 Hong Kong Summit and the GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference


On June 10th, 2021, the 20th GS1 Hong Kong Summit and GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference opened successfully at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (HKCEC). SmartMore Corporation Limited (SmartMore) showcased their integrated AI solutions, including SMore Factory for Intelligent Manufacturing, SMore Media for Ultra HD Videos, and Paper-to-Digital Solutions with OCR Scanner. 

SmartMore's Booth at GOVirtual Expo

SmartMore's Presentations at GS1 and GoVirtual Regarding Innovative AI Solutions

Stepped into its 20th edition, the annual Summit brought together the best, including C-level executives, industry pioneers, and influencers from Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific, to exchange ideas and discuss the latest topics and concerns in digital retailing, digital trade finance, smart business operations, global supply chain resilience, and business trends in the Asia Pacific. 

Held by GS1 Hong Kong, the only officially licensed organisation with the authority to issue GS1 barcodes locally, the Summit was opened by Mr. Alfred Sit, Secretary for Innovation and Technology of the Government of HKSAR, and Dr. Kelvin Leung, Chairman of GS1 Hong Kong Board and CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific.

Co-located with the Summit, the 3-day GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference was Hong Kong's first offline B2B exhibition in 2021, attracting hundreds of tech companies and business enterprises. It successfully helped corporate executives to unlock and capture the boundaryless potential of virtual business, which became ever so critical in the post-pandemic economy.

Mr. Tandy Tan, Head of Global Market of SmartMore, at GOVirtual Business Expo Conference

Mr. Tandy Tan, Head of Global Market of SmartMore, and Ms. Mercy Liu, Senior Business Development Executive Manager, were invited to speak at the GOVirtual and the GS1 HK Summit respectively. They shared SmartMore's experience in deploying industrial AI solutions to accelerate intelligent manufacturing, which was highly appreciated by audiences.

Ms. Mercy Liu, Senior Business Development Executive Manager, at GS1 HK Summit

Full-Stack Software/Hardware Integration Solutions for Two Major Applications

SmartMore showcased their SMore Factory AI solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing at Hall 5G, HKCEC. The solutions are equipped with software/hardware integration capability and solved problems for the entire production line during manufacturing processes.

SMore Factory AI Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing

One of the most fascinating products was SmartMore's Industrial AI platform, SMore ViMo (Visual Inspection and More). Equipped with SmartMore's 4 self-developed core algorithms, OCR, detection, classification, and segmentation, SMore ViMo trained its own AI models for various scenarios, including material tracking along production lines, defect locating, material counting, multi-class appearance defect detection, etc. The trained models can be deployed to production lines directly for real-time AI inspection.

For Ultra HD videos, SMore Media AI solutions provide full-stack and one-stop services for content production and video quality upscaling, with 4 major AI technologies, including super-resolution, video restoration, HDR color enhancement, and intelligent local contrast enhancement, presenting the best viewing experience with fast speed and great quality.

SMore Media AI Solutions for Ultra HD Videos

SmartMore demonstrated several comparison videos of remastered work of TV series and music videos. Plenty of visitors were fascinated by the results, which not only removed original noises and blurs but also upscaled resolution and added more details in the video.

Paper2Digital: OCR Scanner Assisting Smart Office and Digital Retailing

In the field of P2D, SmartMore showcased their brand new series of products, the OCR Scanner. It had implemented multiple AI algorithms, such as deep learning, into edge equipment with low power consumption. With excellent performance, small size, powerful algorithms, and easy deployment, the OCR Scanner fulfilled AI computing needs on edge equipment with simple, fast, and low-cost approaches, which provided efficient and intelligent solutions for data collection and tracking for digital retailing and smart office.

SmartMore OCR Scanner for Digital Retailing and Smart Office

SmartMore's OCR Scanner is a software/hardware integration solution with both vision AI technology and OCR algorithm. It can recognize and transform characters easily and quickly on various types of paper files, including receipts, contracts, and financial forms, with an accuracy rate as high as 99.9%.

Through GS1 HK Summit and GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference, SmartMore aims to further expand the Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific market with its industrial leading AI technologies, products, and solutions, and to assist enterprises with their digital transformation.

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