Reference Case

Intelligent Manufacturing Case

Wireless Earphone AI Defect Detection for the Company with the World's Largest Sales


The client is a top-rated intelligent terminal brand with the highest market value. They required over 20 categories of defects to be detected, and SmartMore successfully passed their ARR test.

Project Overview

As a first-class intelligent terminal brand, our client hopes to introduce AI technology in their production process for appearance defect detection, to improve product quality and reduce repair rates. There are more than 20 items to test, with multiple testing areas and categories as well as high accuracy standards.

Achieve full AI inspection for wireless earphone charging coil, pass rate over 99%

Solutions and Results

Based on the defect category, the inspection area of the material is divided into 7 areas. SMore ViMo inspection and segmentation modules are being used to construct a multi-model solution. These models are accelerated and optimized, reducing the processing speed to 0.2 seconds per piece.

  • ● Pass rate: ≥ 99.0%
  • ● Overkill rate: ≤ 1%
  • ● Processing speed ≤ 0.2 seconds/piece; process over 25000 pieces daily for each production line
  • ● Achieve AI full inspections, reducing labor costs by 95%
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