Reference Case

Intelligent Manufacturing Case

OCR for Smart Watch of the Company with the World's Largest Market Share


Project Overview

Before launching, the smartwatch manufacturer will assign a unique material number to each product for product tracking and aftersales service. The manufacturer did not introduce the traditional OCR technology because of various difficulties that it could not resolve. These include the length of the material for engraving numbers being usually less than 5mm, the engraving forms varying a great deal, and the number recognition accuracy rate required to be as high as 99%.


Solutions and Results

SMore ViMo's AI OCR module enables character recognition of materials for special backgrounds and engraving techniques.


● Overall recognition rate ≥ 99.0%

● Character recognition rate ≥ 99.9%

● Processing speed ≤ 0.1 seconds/piece; process 170,000+ materials daily on average

● Achieve full automation recognition for the production 

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