Reference Case

Intelligent Manufacturing Case

Wireless Earphone Parts OCR


Project Overview

Manufacturers purchase raw materials from multiple suppliers. Material tracking is required during warehousing and production. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a system that can recognize and be compatible with multiple types of characters, which can apply to various scenarios, including multiple lines, vertical lines, and inverse characters, tracking the materials as they enter the warehouse.


The first OCR and supply chain management project launched in the world, with low cost and high efficiency

Solutions and Results

Based on the SMore ViMo OCR recognition module, our solution is equipped with a SmartMore intelligent all-in-one machine, which provides a software/hardware integration solution that can recognize the characters of materials and is compatible with a variety of material backgrounds and engraving crafts.


● Overall recognition rate ≥ 98%

● Processing speed ≤ 0.1 seconds/piece; inspect 16,000+ parts daily on average

● Successfully replaced the costly and complicated multi-station and the multi-camera solution used by the client previously

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