Reference Case

Intelligent Manufacturing Case

Unmanned AI Inspection for World's Top Automobile Part Supplier's "Smart Factory"


Project Overview

The client is a world-leading comprehensive supplier for automobile and industrial products, known for its bearings. This project requires the detection of defects such as bumps and scratches on the bearings while eliminating a variety of interference factors, such as unclean surfaces, the presence of anti-rust oil, fibers, and hair.

 Achieve unmanned inspection for the world's top automobile part supplier's "Smart Factory"

Solutions and Results

SMore ViMo's detection module successfully achieved a variety of fine classified detection.


● Pass rate ≥ 99.0%

● Overkill rate ≤ 3%

● The processing speed of the production line ≤ 0.2 seconds/piece

● Process 20,000+ pieces daily on average

● Achieve full AI inspection; save 80% of labor cost

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