Reference Case

Intelligent Manufacturing Case

Bottle Packaging OCR recognition


Project Overview

The date of manufacture is one of the most significant pieces of information on packaging in the food and beverage industry. The client has more than 10 production lines to produce different packaged foods. The date of manufacture and barcode on the packaging must be readable, otherwise, it will cause complaints from consumers once the product has entered the market.

Solutions and Results

SMore ViMo has provided full-stack industrial Vision AI solutions. With SmartMore OCR technology, all kinds of characters on packaging bottles can be accurately read. Facing the challenge with different types and shapes of packaging bottles, SmartMore provides a flexible hardware system with adaptive imaging and guarantees the recognition rate.

  • ● Accuracy rate ≥ 99%
  • ● Identify particles down to 4 pixels
  • ● Achieve AI full inspections, reducing labor costs by 95%

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