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A Company with a Brand-New Era of Vision AI Technology
Backed with over 20-year solid experience

SmartMore is a leading vision AI company, focusing on applying computer vision to intelligent manufacturing and ultra-HD video industries. It aims to bring customers a new era of intelligent economics through digitalization and intelligent transformation.

The mission of SmartMore is to keep innovating and to create excellence. With solid experience in the computer vision field for over 20 years, SmartMore provides full-stack and end-to-end vision AI services with a four-in-one solution that includes algorithms, applications, engineering, and chips.

Experience in Vision AI for More Than 20 Years
Spearheading the Development Direction of Computer Vision


International Patents


Chinese Patents

Won Numerous International Championships
and Best Papers in World's Top Journals

  • Champion – 2017 COCO instance segmentation competition
  • Champion – 2016 ImageNet Semantic Segmentation Competition
  • Champion – WAD ApolloScape 3D Object Detection Competition Champion
  • Star 5+ open-source algorithms that received 1,000+ stars on GitHub
  • 10+ algorithms included in OpenCV, the world's largest open-source framework
  • NPAR Best Paper Award
  • ICCVW 2009 Best Paper Award
  • SIGGRAPH ASIA's most cited paper in 10 years
  • More than 100 papers related to image and video processing that has been cited over 15,000 times, spearheading the fields of deblur, super-resolution, matting, etc., and setting world records many times

Leading Innovation
in Vision AI Industry

  • Developed the world's earliest super-resolution algorithm in 2008
  • The most advanced super-resolution TV system technology in 2012
  • The best global performance of image super-resolution in 2017 based on deep learning
  • The 8K image quality enhancement system with the highest commercial efficiency at present
  • The world's leading point cloud detection and segmentation technology
  • The most accurate road condition understanding system so far
  • Developed the only full-coverage industrial OCR product

Leading Software/Hardware All-in-one Solution for
Intelligent Manufacturing and Ultra HD Video

Intelligent Manufacturing SMore Factory Solution focuses on solving complex defect detection problems using AI technology, drastically decreasing costs while improving efficiency and performance, finally achieving full automation for production.
SMore Media Ultra HD Video AI Solution dedicates to solving the core problem in the 8K production line, providing productive forces for various industries, including TV, film, education, entertainment, intelligent transportation, healthcare, etc.

Keep Innovating, Create Excellence
Keep our Mission, Create the Future

SmartMore focuses on helping high-end intelligent manufacturing and empowering Ultra HD video. It accelerates the system structure and service innovation for a new era of vision AI technology. We are dedicated to industrial transformation and upgrade and fully support society's economic growth.

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AI Genetic System


Become a worldwide intelligent company covering full scenarios, spearheading technology development


Keep innovating
Create excellence

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